Beat Cold & Flu ~ VOL. 2: 9 KITCHEN HERBS to Aid The Healing Process

Nonetheless you try your best not to catch cold & flu, things just happen right? We are sharing this world with 73 billion others. Some are sick. What can we do in alternative ways without OTC or antibiotics? 

First, we have to know there is NO MEDICINE TO KILL VIRUSES. So once we catch them, only things we can do is — to bundle yourself with blankets, sleep a lot, and eat well (meaning eat appropriately) until they get out of the system. While we are going through this healing process, we may experience sore throat, endless coughs, chills, stuffy and runny nose, pain behind eyes, phlegms, aches, fever, etc etc... They are all necessary healing process, which shows your body is functioning properly. Your body is fighting to protect you. We don't want to force to stop our natural healing power by overusing drugs, still want to minimize those distresses and rest our body to heal.

Now, what can we do with COMMON KITCHEN HERBS? Those are not only flavorful kitchen herbs, but also great therapeutic herbs.

⚠︎ To maximize their efficacy, consume them in medicinal level preparation (i.e. strong infusion, sit over-night)

◊ ELDER (flower & berry):

Elder has been used as medicinal plants for long time in history (since Hippocrates time!!) There is a reason for that.

Elder (flower) has a known use for Flu and Colds for its anti-viral property

Elder (berries) are used for Flu, also anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamin

  ***Have Elderberry syrup or cordial is a very helpful medicine in your   shelf!


Affinity for lung: indicated for Colds, Coughs, Fever, Flu, Bronchitis, and Bronchial asthma. Anti-microbial and anti-viral action can help the immune system deal with infections.

  ***Raw garlic has the most benefit! — Make sure to mince, crash, or chop cloves, and leave at least for 5~10 mins to let the medicinal property produced. Then, eat in raw or cook with them.

Bring a lot of garlics and onions into meal during winter time!


Colds, Diaphoretic action is helpful in feverish condition, Warming, stimulating circulations, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant


Colds, Warming and stimulating circulatory, Sinus infections and Congestion


Colds and Flu at its onset; warming + stimulating and it helps clear congestion throughout the body

Take a dose at first shiver; 1/2 tsp simmered in a cup full of water for 20 mins, then let it sit for another 15 mins or so. (Can be longer)


Colds, Virus & Flu; it is highly anti-bacterial and anti-viral

◊ SAGE: 

Sore throat, Laryngitis, Virus & Flu

  ***Spray or gargle with strong infusion for infections of the mouth


Sore throat, Laryngitis, Dry+Wet cough, Sinus infections & Congestion

  ***Thyme + Honey very effective sore throat remedy

  Recipe: Fill up the jar with fresh thyme leaves, then fill the jar with honey (local raw honey). Make sure all the leaves is submerged. Let it sit for 6 weeks.

  I was dragging mucus after cold one winter in past. It was annoying. I was carrying Thyme tincture with me, and took frequently. It helped clearing up.


Warms the body from the inside out by promoting blood circulation along with toning up vessels.


Coming up, medicinal herbs for cold & flu!