Intake session

First, I offer an intake session lasting 90~120 minutes. This allows me to understand your main complaint and symptom patterns, along with your medical history, lifestyle, diet habit, emotional state, innate body constitution, etc.

Protocol: Herbal Medicine, Diet, Lifestyle Recommendation

Using the information I gathered, I create your customized protocol. The protocol is designed with herbal medicines (Decoction, Tincture, Caps, or Poultice), diet + lifestyle suggestions, and supplementation, depending on your unique case.


I recommend the follow-up consultation after 2 weeks from the initial intake. We can go over any questions with regard to the herbs, physical conditions, and any notes from your diet and lifestyle changes. We can adjust the protocol if necessary. **In long-term treatment, once a month follow-up is recommended. 


Initial visit: $125  |  Follow-up visit: $80