Herbal [plant] medicine is a beneficence from nature. 

Like our bodies, plants are also organisms containing vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, hormones, all in a form which is easily assimilated into the human body. We can utilize those natural, active constituents to the fullest by consuming in the appropriate forms; decoctioninfusiontincturepoultice, etc…

Herbalism, with its natural ingredients, has existed through all of human history.

Since the dawn of history, it’s a well established fact that herbalism developed uniquely in regions and civilizations all over the world. The ancient wisdom from these early civilizations is still useful in modern time.

While contemporary medicine (Westen medicine) has grown and spread significantly in recent history, it has overshadowed traditional folk medicine. But traditional practices, such as herbalism, have not been lost. Today, these practices are commonly known as alternative medicine. In recent years, modern science has gradually started recognizing the benefits of herbal medicines.