Stress Management & Relef

How we face to stress in our modern society is an influential factor to the wellbeing of the mind and body.

Do you have any chronic sleep disorder, fatigue, headache, etc…?

We identify patterns in your everyday life, figure out the cause of these symptoms, and rebuild habits in your diet and lifestyle to restore vitality.


GI track health plays quite an important role in our overall bodily and mental function.

Do you have an appetite?

Do you have acid reflux, gastric pain, or bloating?

How is your bowel movement?

“The gut is the second brain” — has recently been recognized by medical practitioners. Besides nutritional digestion, absorption, and elimination, our GI track produces hormones and provides immune functions. Taking good care of our guts means loving ourselves.


The liver manages more than 500 tasks in our body. It is our hardest working organ. One of the biggest tasks is detox.

It plays a vital role in secreting female hormones, metabolizing (sugar, fat, and alcohol), and anti-aging. Therefore, detox is a major key to not only preventing many disorders, but also maintaining our beauty inside and out.

Acne & Skin Conditions

When your skin shows unwanted symptoms, it is a sign of imbalance inside your body.

Since the skin is the largest organ in our body, it can be severely influenced through contact with the external world.

Persistent acne after the adolescence, acute or chronic dermatitis and atopic… Finding out whether these symptoms come from internal factors or external factors will give us the appropriate protocol for treatment.

Female Complaints

Active women in modern life are glorious, displaying their abundant capacities in all parts of society. Yet, in the shadow beneath the success, many are going through hormonal imbalances from stress or acrasia.

Women can suffer from PMS, depression over severe menstrual cramps, worries about irregular menstruation, longing for a natural fertile body, etc. The female body is exquisitely mysterious, and delicate. We must show respect to the body by closely observing, with a natural, holistic approach, and learn how to balance one's self. Herbalism is a great opportunity to listen to your body.


Annoyed by seasonal or environmental allergy, hey fever, or (and) food allergy? Some people have to be extremely careful of foods and environmental conditions for their health and safety. Their lives can be made more comfortable to learn how to cope with allergies through herbs and diets containing anti-inflammatory constituents, along with keeping an eye on triggering factors.