Beat Cold & Flu ~ Vol. 4: 4 Household Items To Approach Fever

Having a fever is a serious deal. That is almost like you are told "Now you are officially sick". Some people do have a hard (and long) time recovering from that. We need to approach to feverish conditions properly because a body is in such a vulnerable place under them. 

But Here, I want to get your attention baaadly!

Is fever a malicious symptom? ...Really?

"Give me a fever and I can cure any disease."

Hippocrates, 400 B.C.


Why is fever induced in the first place? 

When pathogenic agents (influenza, virus, or bacteria) enter a body, immunocytes (leukocytes and macrophages) get activated to signal neural transmissions to destroy pathogens, by the method of raising up body temperatures to kill pathogens — fever.

Our body, neither virus or bacteria, is causing the fever as one of natural self-healing methods. So, having a fever is a very healthy body reaction — that shows a body is functioning properly. And that is quite essential on healing process, you don't want to suppress.

While a body is fighting with running a fever, it's important to keep hydrating a body. (It's ok that a person cannot eat, but make sure not to be dehydrated)

Here are 4 recommended regimens! 

◊ Lemon water

1 tbsp of lemon juice in a cup of lukewarm~hot water

   ***Direction: Sip them through a day

◊ Herbal tea

'Diaphoretic' herbs are great ones to take advantage of — they increase sweating and guide the heat out of a body through pores.

There are so many herbs on the lists for each detailed condition. Here, I introduce all-around tea blends for feverish conditions with kitchen herbs!

• Pale, cold, weak condition

   Need to stimulate circulation

   Stimulating Chai tea ↓ 

   Mix any black tea with Ginger + Cardamom + Black pepper

• Feverish shiver, restless, irritable, tensed, ache with tension condition

   Relax tension in a body and also help circulation

   Elder (flower) + Lemon balm + Rosehips

   Yarrow (flower) + Mint + Elder (flower)

• If lack of appetite, upsetting stomach, or digestive cramp is involved...

   Ginger and Cinnamom are great digestive herbs, as well as   diaphoretic. You can blend them into above blends.

   Ginger + Cinnamom + Lemon + Raw honey

   ***Direction: Sip them through a day

◊ Bone broth

As written in BEAT COLD & FLU ~ Vol. 1, gelatin-rich bone broth offers infinite benefits to a body. Recently (finally!!) it's getting a hip thing to sip on good quality bone broth soup. Bone broth is getting acknowledged :) widely for its active health benefits. But actually, bone broth soup has been around traditionally all over the world as a base of tasty soupy dishes with profound umami.

Addition to what I wrote on the prior post, gelatin-rich bone broth also can be used on stomach flu, which gives act-up stomach. Gelatin can treat the root of the problem happened in gut.

You can use any animal bones to make it. You can ingest bone broth alone. But I'd recommend to mix with medicinal mushrooms + herbs and culinary herbs to make it extra flavorful and medicinal.

I am planning to share the recipe in another post soon.

   ***Direction: Sip them through a day

◊ Skin to skin communication

It's a miracle healing power we all have. Especially to kids in bed. They are wanting mom's (or anyone close) gentle sweet touch with care, and that really works! Give them comfort and warmth. Those are very heartening during feeling wear period. We all know, right? 

Even on injuries or pain involved situation, placing care-giver's hand on the vulnerable spot of a body can indeed alleviate discomforts. Our care and love transport in energy level.

Fever can give us an opportunity to show someone our affection that we couldn't show in busy days :)